Hard Facts

  • The number of malnourished people worldwide is estimated at 923 million
    (FAO, 2008)
  • Undernutrition is a contributing cause of more than one third of the 9.2 million
    deaths of children under five worldwide (UNICEF, 2008)
  •  More than 13 million children in Indonesia suffer from malnutrition (WFP,
    2008) – both acute and chronic
  • 34 of every 1,000 children in Indonesia dies before they reach a year old
    (Countdown to 2015 report, 2012)
  • 228 mothers die for every 100,000 births in Indonesia (Countdown to 2015
    report, 2012)
  • Only 15% of Indonesian babies are exclusively breastfed for the first 6
    months (Basic Health Research). Most Indonesian babies are given breast
    milk only for just the first two months (UNICEF, 2008)
  • One in three Indonesian children under the age of five suffers from
    malnutrition – both acute and chronic – according to Indonesia 2010 Health
    Survey. Approximately 13% of the same group is severely malnourished
  • Malnutrition contributes to half the deaths of Indonesian children before
    they reach the age of 5 (UNICEF, 2010). For those who survive, malnutrition
    can impair brain development and affect learning capacity, weaken immunity
    and increase the chance of disease)
  • Indonesia has the fifth highest number of stunted children in the world
    (UNICEF, 2010)